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Turner Research Network is a custom market research firm that provides quantitative and qualitative research solutions to meet the unique research and insights needs of our clients. Founded in 1997 by John Turner after more than 20 years of managing marketing research and new product insights for Fortune 100 companies, the firm works with a range of businesses across the United States and around the globe.

“After selecting marketing research services for many years from different companies, I knew the type of company I wanted Turner Research Network to be. I always preferred working with marketing research firms where the senior team members were hands-on research practitioners. These firms typically delivered a better research product and more focused service than those companies that passed the work on to junior associates. At Turner Research Network, clients work directly with our senior team members and consistently receive high-quality market research and excellent service.”
— John W. Turner, President

Clients rely on our experienced team of market research consultants to uncover insights that help them make smarter business decisions. We pride ourselves on providing superior service. Many of our clients have partnered with Turner Research Network for a number of years and consider us an integral part of their marketing and insights team. 

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